We shall indemnify you, to the extent insurable, for extortion payment arising directly from a cyber extortion threat that is first made against you in your personal capacity, during the policy period.

Malware is a Malicious Software such as Ransomware that is designed to damage or control your computer. Ransomware is, essentially, the digital version of kidnapping.

Scenario could be where a hacker manages to get a ransomware file onto your computer. Typically, hackers will send you an email with a malicious file attached. This file doesn’t look malicious and will often look completely legitimate, like something you receive every day. When you open the file, the ransomware file is deployed, encrypting and locking specific, highly sensitive files on your computer. When you attempt to open the files, you are confronted with a message stating that your files have been locked, and that you will only receive the encryption key if you pay a specified amount to the hacker, usually through an untraceable Bitcoin payment