DynaRisk provides an extra layer of protection that antivirus software can’t. Our tools are designed to compliment existing cyber security software,

giving our customers practical ways to manage their online safety.

Andrew Martin, DynaRisk’s CEO and cyber security expert, founded the company in 2016. Inspired by the increasing number of data breaches and lack of cyber security tools available to consumers, he developed the scoring concept and a tool that goes one step further than antivirus.

DynaRisk’s Cyber Security Score actively help users to reduce their level of risk online by providing them with a clear picture of their cyber security posture. Similar to a credit score, it indicates how likely a person
is to fall victim to cyber scams and fraud. To determine a user’s score, we assess the following...

  1. Their digital behaviour including how they manage passwords, what privacy settings they use online and more.
  2. Past breaches that contained their personal information.
  3. Vulnerability scans of their devices and software.

While many people have a general understanding about online safety, rarely do they practice it. By providing individuals with a score and tailored action plan, personal cyber security is no longer overwhelming - it’s tangible.

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